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Videofied Protects Construction Sites From Copper Theft

Thieves see easy money, Videofied sees criminals in the act.

Between the increased cost of living, lack of jobs, and a steady rise in the price of copper, it’s no wonder that copper theft is on the rise. Construction sites across the country are experiencing break-ins in which thieves are making off with hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in copper wiring. As warmer weather approaches, it’s common for incidents of copper thefts to increase. Multra-Guard can help you protect your job site and your property using Videofied Technology.

Contractors’ Cost is Greater Than Thieves’ Reward

Copper thefts cost more than just the price of the wire. Property is typically damaged in these robberies and the cost of repairs is almost always more than what the criminals can get for the copper they’ve stolen. These videos show copper thieves in the act, as captured by Videofied.

Protect Your Job Site

Video Surveillance
Videofied catches copper thieves

Videofied can help you protect your job site from copper thieves and the damage they cause. This motion sensitive video-capture device not only records video from your job site, but is monitored by our local monitoring center. This additional feature improves the security of your site by alerting police to a crime in progress, which can result in the capture of copper thieves. Videofied is portable, which makes it easy to move from site to site and you can access your video feed remotely via a secure internet connection.
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