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Commercial Locksmith

locksmith-richmondVirginia Key and Lock, a division of Richmond Alarm, is the preferred locksmith for many franchise retail establishments in the Richmond area. We work with corporate and regional offices to provide consistent and reliable locks, keys and safe maintenance & repair.

Concerned about Who Can Get In?

When there is a turnover in store management and key staff members, or when keys have been misplaced, there is peace of mind in getting locks rekeyed and safe combinations changed. Many establishments find it good practice to rekey locks as standard operations anytime a store manager leaves the company.

Can’t Find the Safe Combination?

There are times when the combination to a safe is permanently lost and a business cannot access the contents of their own safe. Virginia Key and Lock will gain entry to safes when you cannot open it with the code.

Available 24/7 for Commercial Locksmith Emergencies

Trying to lock up but the lock or key is broken? If you need a locksmith in order to secure the building or gain access, many of our commercial customers cannot wait. Retail establishments cannot afford to be closed unnecessarily because that means lost revenue. Contract with Virginia Key and Lock to ensure the locksmith will be available to gain access and secure the property in emergencies.

Contact Virginia Key and Lock 804-648-5301

Contact Ryan Boggs at Virginia Key and Lock to learn more about how we can help your business with commercial locksmith services.