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Should I use my cable company for my security system?

National Companies: When it comes to something as important as the security of you and your family, do you really want to rely on the cable company? Consider their customer rating from the Better Business Bureau. They want to incorporate your security system into the “bundle” of internet, TV, and phone because it entrenches them even further into your life and makes it harder to switch if you are dissatisfied or when they raise the rates.

✔The Richmond Alarm Companies: You need a security company you can rely on when it matters most. Trust the safety of your home and family to security professionals, not cable professionals. Security IS our area of expertise and we stick with what we do best. Our technicians are trained and experienced and take the time to do the job right. We test security & fire systems after installation and won’t leave until you are satisfied. We have specialized in residential and commercial security for over 70 years, and have strong relationships with emergency responders in Virginia. We live and work here and we care about your safety. Check us out on the BBB tooContact us to get a free estimate.


How competitive are the Monthly Monitoring Rates?

National Companies: Higher monthly service fees that continue to increase can add up to a large expense. “Free” systems generally included monitoring rates that increase significantly over time.

✔The Richmond Alarm Companies: Our monitoring rates are slightly less in most cases, but over the term of the agreement, we will be less. This is because we do not have automatic escalation clauses in our agreements like our national competition. You have the freedom to choose, so we keep our rates competitive and deliver quality service. Contact us to get a free estimate.


What’s Included in the Equipment Cost?

National Companies: Nothing in life is free! The “free” equipment our competitors offer is typically for very basic equipment and most of the time requires a landline phone for communication. Read the fine print and you will see that it may not actually be free.  In fact, there are some offers that promise a free system with a $100 gift card. Be aware that this most likely indicates that you are dealing with a company that will immediately sell you agreement to the national company and move on to the next installation, leaving you in the hands of someone you have never met.

✔The Richmond Alarm Companies: A Safer System. All of our system packages will include WiFi and/or Cellular communicators built in. We recognize that many people are turning off their landline phones in favor of using their cellphone as their primary device. We design your system with you so you are guaranteed to get the appropriate amount of protection for your needs. One size does not fit all.  Contact us to learn more about our systems.


How do I benefit from a local company?

✖National Companies: Can they have a vested interest in you? Large national companies use regional monitoring centers that are not in Virginia. Reaching someone to help or answer questions is difficult. A large company’s response to service requests is typically slow. Can you feel safe without a working security system for long?  Turnover is typically higher for large national companies. You may have a sales rep that is new to the industry or new to the company. Technical staff turnover means you may have installers or service technicians that lack a broad perspective knowledge of security systems. Although you may get regional or “local” representation from a national company, decisions are made elsewhere, and the “local” representative may have limited decision-making capabilities.  Do you want to place the safety and security of your family with this type of machine?

✔The Richmond Alarm Companies: We are your neighbors and care for your safety like family. Our state-of-the-art monitoring center is local and you can reach someone easily. When you call us for service, our technicians will respond promptly. The average length of employment for sales and service associates is over 20 years. Our team has a wealth of experience in the security industry and a broad knowledge of different types of systems. We embrace the fact that being local increases our level of accountability to our community. We would not have it any other way! Contact us to learn more about how we put this into action!

Security and fire alarm systems protect the very core of your home.

Here’s What One Customer Had to Say about Switching to Richmond Alarm:


Security Company in Richmond, VA
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Gerald F.

“We switched our service from another vendor to RAC. Scott, the installer, did the switch today. He upgraded some equipment, installed some new sensors, and corrected some past installation errors that prevented the system from working properly. Scott was very professional, had excellent communication skills, was very conscientious, and overall did an excellent job. I am very pleased with the work he did. Also, I am very please to have my service with a locally-owned and totally locally operated company. Now I can have total peace of mind in regards to home security whether at home or away from home. Thank you, Scott. Thank you, RAC.”

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