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Control Who Goes Where and When

Access Control KeycardAccess Control is a term used to describe a system that controls and tracks the movement of people through secured access points (such as doors, elevators, parking garages, etc.). Access Control can also be used in places like Churches or Schools as an effective way to phase out traditional key management. The audit capabilities of Access Control systems allow users to have visibility on who is entering and moving through a facility.

Access Control systems allow you to decide who goes where in your building. There are also effective visitor management and intercom systems to help you maintain an inviting customer experience while still protecting your facility and staff.

Management Options and Integration

We offer several options for the management of Access Control systems. Depending on your internal capabilities, we can design a system that is effective and easy to use. We understand that if a system is complicated to use then it will not be fully utilized.

Traditional Onsite Management

  • These systems use a local computer to host the database and user interface
  • Internal staff is required to maintain and manage the system
  • This is good for companies that have a dedicated staff for this type of task

Hosted Onsite Management

  • This option moves the computer and database offsite to our secure facility
  • Internal staff is required to manage the system
  • The system is managed through a convenient web browser, allowing for much-needed flexibility
  • This is a good option for companies that do not want to maintain an onsite computer to manage their system

Hosted Offsite Management

  • This option moves both the computer and management offsite to our secure facility.
  • Our staff will make changes and run reports based on your requests or scheduled functionality
  • This is a good option for small companies who do not have the staff to internally manage their system

Access Control systems can be integrated into other types of systems, such as:

  • access control systemFire systems (to release doors in an emergency)
  • Camera Systems (to provide video verification of access activity)
  • Security Systems (auto arm and disarm based on access activity)

Which Access Control System Is Right for You?

Our staff will help you choose the right system to meet your needs and budget. There are also plenty of options for credentials (cards, fobs, smartphones, etc.) to be considered. Let our team walk you through choosing the best options for the way your business operates.

There has been a rise in demand for higher security systems such as card & pin, or systems with biometric readers. Whatever level of security you need, our team has the knowledge and tools to design and implement an Access Control system that is right for you.

Learn More About Commercial Access Control Systems for Businesses in Virginia

We have designed and installed access control systems with keycards and key fobs for businesses in Richmond, Roanoke, Hampton, Virginia Beach, and throughout most of Virginia. Contact Richmond Alarm if you’d like to learn more about our access control systems for businesses.

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