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SkyBell Doorbell

What Is SkyBell?

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows homeowners to see who’s standing at the front door from the convenience of a smartphone. This little doorbell, which comes in a circular or horizontal design, is equipped with an HD camera, motion sensor, and two-way communicator. As soon as someone steps foot on the front porch, the camera mechanism activates and an alert gets sent the homeowners’ smartphones.

Answer Doorbell from Anywhere

When a visitor presses the doorbell button, the SkyBell functions exactly like a normal doorbell, activating the chimes inside the home. Whether someone at the front door presses the button or not, homeowners can engage the visitor in a two-way conversation through their smartphone and a microphone located inside the doorbell. Video of each encounter gets recorded.

Here’s a brief video that summarizes SkyBell’s capabilities:

Can SkyBell Improve My Home’s Security?

One can never be too careful opening a door to strangers. SkyBell can help deter package theft, pressure strangers to identify themselves or thwart a pushy door-to-door salesman. If a stranger arrives at the front door and looks suspicious, homeowners can ask that person what they want or ask them to leave without having to risk opening the front door.

SkyBell can easily become an instrumental component of a home’s overall security. The device is great for people that don’t feel comfortable opening the front door to strangers, as well as those that leave their homes unoccupied for long periods of time. In fact, 65% of all burglaries occur during the day.

How Much Does SkyBell Cost?

SkyBell HD costs $199 for the entire system (equipment only). Installation is very simple but involves handling electrical wires. For those not comfortable installing the device on their own, for a limited time, we’re offering professional installation for as little as $250 (including equipment).

SkyBell Features

  • HD Video
  • Motion Sensor
  • Live Monitoring
  • Free Video Recording
  • Multiple Users
  • Listen & Speak
  • Activity History
  • Color Night Vision
  • Quiet Mode
  • Snap Photos
  • Rugged
  • Theft Guarantee

Does SkyBell Integrate with Smart Home Platforms?

Yes! Skybell integrates with a wide range of smart home devices and platforms, including Honeywell Total Connect, Alarm.com, Monitronics, Amazon Echo, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, NorthStar Home, Stringly, Comcast Xfinity, Kwikset, iControl, Reliant, and IFTTT.

If a homeowner has an integrated smart home security system that includes Smart Locks, a visitor can easily be let into the house after having been identified with the SkyBell camera.


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Rated By Clarke C.

I wanted to send a special thank you to you and your team for helping me feel more comfortable in my home. I could not be more pleased with each individual I have dealt with through out the process of having my home security system installed.

Tom Aukward was surprisingly not awkward at all ☺. He did a great job consulting on what I needed to keep my family safe. At no time did he try to push something on me that was not needed; this helped reinforce the trust I have in Richmond Alarm.

Where Can I Purchase SkyBell in Virginia?

Richmond Alarm is an authorized SkyBell dealer. Installation is simple but requires the handling of doorbell wires, so we encourage homeowners to hire a professional.

Contact Richmond Alarm to learn more about SkyBell smart video doorbells or to take advantage of our $250 SkyBell Professional Installation Special.

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