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Do I Need a Panic/Safe Room in my Virginia home?

The most common reasons homeowners install panic rooms is to protect against:

  1. Severe wind-related weather
  2. Burglary/intruders/kidnappers

So do you need a panic room? Well, if you’re at a high risk of experiencing one or both of the life-threatening events above then, yes, you should consider installing a safe/panic room in your home.

We’ll explain how to assess your risk level of these two situations. Then, we’ll suggest some features that your safe room should have.

Need a professional’s opinion on how to create a safe/panic room in your Virginia home? Just contact us for a quote. We’ll inspect your home, assess your risk of danger then suggest the home security solutions that will protect you best.

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Are you at risk of severe winds (tornadoes and/or hurricanes)?

Signs you're at risk:

  • Your home would be destroyed and/or provide little protection in the event of severe winds
  • You live in either zone III or IV (orange or red) according to the FEMA map below

In Virginia, for example, there is a high risk of hurricanes from June to November. Sometimes, those hurricanes turn into tornadoes. Therefore, FEMA states that in some parts of the Virginia area, safe rooms are the preferred method of protection against severe wind-related weather.

Features your safe room should have:

  • Ground-floor room/area
  • Steel-/concrete-reinforced foundation. Any other type of foundation won’t be able to withstand intense winds.
  • Backup generator.
  • Adequate air ventilation. Make sure your rooms get plenty of fresh air, especially if you have a gas-powered generator in the area/room.
  • Air filtration. Hurricanes and tornadoes can kick up a lot of dust/debris. In order to protect your breathing air from contaminants, install a high-grade HEPA filter.
  • Signal amplifier to send/receive cellular signals from the safe room

For more information, view the FEMA standards on constructing tornado- and/or hurricane-proof safe rooms.

Are you at risk of burglary, intruders or kidnappers?

Signs you're at risk:

  • You live in a city/area with a high crime rate
  • You’re a public figure (professional athlete, actor, politician, etc.)
  • You’re a high-net-worth individual (or family member of one)

Features your safe room should have:

  • Steel/concrete reinforced door.
  • Keyless locks. Ideally a keypad-controlled mortise lock with steel hinges and bolts.
  • Kevlar panels. These are bullet-resistant panels that can be added to existing walls.
  • Video surveillance system. Consider installing several hidden cameras throughout the home. Heat-sensing cameras provide added protection if your home is attacked at night.
  • Intercom system/alarm button directly connected to a police or security team.

Have questions? Ask your Virginia home security experts!

We’re happy to help you determine whether or not you should install a panic room.

We’ll send over a professional who can assess your need for a panic room then determine the solutions/products that will provide the ultimate protection.

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