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How Secure Are Smart Locks, and Can They Be Hacked?

What Are Smart Locks

Consumers are increasingly switching from traditional key locks to smart locks. Smart locks are electronic locks that can be used remotely through a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. While there are many smart locks to choose from, how secure are smart locks and is there a potential for these smart locks to get hacked? Here is what you need to know when choosing a smart lock vs a key lock:

Smart Home Security Services

How Secure Are Smart Locks, and Will I Be Safe?

As we know, manual locks are less secure than smart locks. So how safe and secure are smart locks? There aren’t any reported smart lock hacks that have led to a legitimate burglary. According to past reports, the only smart lock hacks that have been performed, have been by a professional “white-hat” hacker that was hired intentionally by companies to find weak spots.

Smart locks are ultimately designed to keep your home safe. Whether you have frequent visitors, pet sittings, housekeepers, or renters, being able to lock or unlock doors remotely is a great advantage in keeping your home secure.

What Does Richmond Alarm Recommend Regarding Smart Locks?

Overall, smart locks are far more secure than your traditional key lock and bolt. Richmond Alarm encourages you to learn more about smart locks and other smart home platforms that you can integrate. This will lead you to the safe and secure home you’ve been looking for.

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