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How to Avoid False Alarms

Did you know that the top three causes of false alarms for businesses in the United States are human error, poor sensor placement, and outdated system equipment? It’s time to keep your business safe even while you are away!

Having a security camera system in your retail space, warehouse, office, etc. will decrease your worry and increase your safety. At Richmond Alarm Company, we install commercial-grade, an HD video alarm system in and around your business that provides crystal-clear images for real-time video monitoring and video recording. With your new security cameras, you will have pan, tilt, zoom features, IP video systems, storage options that support smartphones with the wireless alarm system, and remote viewing. The best part is that it’s easy to use!

So the question is, how can you prevent false alarms from happening? For users, power surges, or weather-related incidents, there are simple solutions to be preventative. As a good rule of thumb, you should be performing regular maintenance on your alarms like; checking batteries and ensuring the alarms and motion detectors are clean. Securing your doors and windows fit in their frames and replace any loose alarm contacts with “wide” door or window contacts to fill voids. This will help reduce excessive movement of your doors and windows.

At Richmond Alarm Company, we provide monitored alarm systems with a trained team that gets notified when an alarm is triggered. Our monitoring staff is IQ certified. That means we make fast, intelligent dispatch decisions, so the criminals deter, and your business won’t get slapped with false alarm fines. This adds an extra layer of security to your company and keeps your business code-compliant. Did you know that there is a fee for false alarms? The city of Richmond is trying to raise awareness regarding reducing false alarms and its impact on emergency responders. The town is even offering a false alarm reduction, online class, at no cost to citizens.

Call Richmond Alarm Company to receive a free quote and start protecting your business with fire alarm systems, access control, monitoring, video surveillance/video verification, security automation, and locksmith services.

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