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How To Integrate Honeywell Security With Amazon Echo

Oh the possibilities! It’s amazing to think about how far home security systems and home automation have moved in the last five to 10 years. How fun to think of the ways you can integrate your Honeywell Security with the Amazon Echo.

Luckily the question of how to integrate Honeywell Security with Amazon Echo has been on a lot of people’s minds for a while. Now we're seeing the seamless integration of the two technologies.

Here you’ll learn what is the Amazon Echo, and what makes it so amazing. Then you’ll also learn how to connect your Honeywell Security System with the Amazon Echo.

What is the Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is well suited to work with the Honeywell Security System. It’s designed to integrate with most home security systems, Smart home systems and provides music integration. It functions with hands-free, voice activation and has great speakers.

Why is the Amazon Echo so Amazing?

Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Echo is a hands-free, wireless speaker that’s powered by Alexa Voice assistant technology. It's designed to control many aspects of your home at the command of your voice.

It has seven microphones and works via beam-forming technology, which enables it to heard your commands from across the room, even when it's playing music. The way to “catch” its attention for a command is to simply say, “Alexa,” and it will respond immediately.

The list of what the Amazon Echo can do is growing every day. Here is a list of its capabilities:

  • It can make and receive calls.
  • It can send and receive messages.
  • It can play music.
  • It can respond to your commands and search for your favorite playlist or song.
  • It integrates well with streaming music services, such as Pandora and Spotify.
  • Its speakers play immersive, 360 degree omni-directional audio sound.
  • It can provide up-to-the-minute news, sports scores, weather reports and more.
  • It can control the lights, thermostats, fans, switches and locks in your home.
  • It can control the garage doors and sprinklers in your home as well.
  • It can control the security system of your home.

Check out this video on how the Amazon Echo works with the Honeywell thermostat in your home.

Of Course, the Amazon Echo Can Control Your Honeywell Security System!

Of course, it can control your Honeywell security system. The technology in the Amazon Echo integrates well with the Honeywell security and Smart home systems. With the command of your voice, you can control what your security system does and when.

  • Connect it with your video surveillance and Alexa will alert you when someone approaches.
  • Command it to go into "night mode" when you're ready to sleep.
  • Tell Alexa to lock the doors.
  • Tell Alexa to turn the alarm system on.

Watch this video for some ideas of how the Amazon Echo can work with your Honeywell system using Smartthings.

Amazon Echo is designed to assist you in controlling your Smart home system quickly and easily with a mere command of your voice. Let's get connected and get your Honeywell system up and running with the Amazon Echo.

How to Connect your Honeywell Security System with Your Amazon Echo

First off, congratulations for being a pioneer in automated home security systems! Now that you have a Honeywell security system installed in your home and own an Amazon Echo, you’re well on your way to having a voice-responsive, Smart system at your fingers.

Follow these instructions and you'll be connected in five simple steps.

  1. Set up your Amazon Echo with Alexa on the same WiFi network as your Honeywell Smart device app (or vice versa, depending on which one is already set up).
  2. Install the Alexa App on your Smart device (ie, Smart phone, tablet and/or phablet).
  3. In the Alexa App, search for the Honeywell skill or if you don't see it, say, “Discover devices.” This will pull up Honeywell.
  4. Download the Honeywell app and install the latest software updates for it, if you don't already have them.
  5. If prompted, sign in using your third-party information.

You’re ready to go! It’s that simple!

Imagine all the things you can do! Here is an idea of all you can do with your Amazon Echo and Honeywell Smart Home system.

This is Just the Beginning

As the designers of the Amazon Echo and Honeywell Security imagine more and more ways to integrate and make life easier for you, you’ll see more innovations.

Imagine what what your Honeywell Smart home system will look like five years from now: Integration between your Honeywell system and the Amazon Echo will be more seamless. There will be more innovation. Now is the time to step forward and take the plunge. Integrate your systems and watch life get easier.

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