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How to Secure Your Basement Windows ‑ Tips and Tricks

The bottom line: burglars always seek out the path of least resistance when it comes to breaking and entering. Unfortunately, basement windows are known for being an easy entrance into the average Virginia home.

Want to keep your basement windows secure and burglar-proof?

We’ll show you the 3 security devices we use when it comes to professionally securing different kinds of basement windows.

Need help keeping your basement windows guarded 24/7? Richmond Alarm can install state-of-the-art security products that alert you when a break-in is happening. Plus, we can monitor those alarms and dispatch authorities on your behalf, whether you’re home or not.

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Two security devices to keep your basement windows secure

We asked our security advisors for their top picks when it comes to the strongest security devices for basement windows.

The following 2 devices were the winners...

1. Magnetic contacts

Magnetic contacts are small devices that are installed on your basement windows and are designed to tell you if the window is open or closed.

Magnetic contacts have two pieces; one is installed on the part of the window that moves open/closed; the other is installed next to it on the window frame. When the window is opened and the pieces separate, the sensor signals ‘open’ to your security system.

Now, if your security system is armed and the two pieces separate (i.e. the window is opened), this will trigger an alarm.

2. Shock detector

Shock sensors are small devices that are installed directly on the window glass. A shock sensor is designed to activate (i.e. trigger an alarm) when it detects shockwaves that are associated with the window being broken or tampered with.

At Richmond Alarm, we offer an advanced device that offers two types of protection in one product: a wireless combination magnetic contact and shock sensor.

This product detects when a door or window is open or closed and also has built-in shock-sensing technology that triggers an alarm in the event of abrupt, forcible attempts at entry.

Combination Magnetic Contact and Shock Sensor

Our combination magnetic contact and shock sensors are 40% smaller than previous models and easily blend in with any decor

Additional forms of protection….

Consider the following security devices in lieu of—or better yet, in addition to magnetic contacts and shock detectors:

  • Motion detector. Install a motion detector in the corner or your basement to detect movement inside the basement. These devices can be configured to trigger an alarm is movement is detected when the alarm system is armed.
  • Glass break detector. Installing a single glass break detector can cover multiple windows and doors from forced entry. Our devices can protect up to 25 feet away.
  • Door contacts. If you have basement doors, it’s always a good idea to install a door contact that will trigger an alarm in the event that the door is opened when the system is armed.

Get 24/7 basement protection with professional monitoring

Regardless of the security devices you install to protect your basement, the only way to ensure you’re getting the strongest security possible is to have your home professionally monitored.

At Richmond Alarm, we offer award-winning local monitoring. When you choose us to monitor your home, our local experts dispatch the authorities on your behalf if an alarm at your home is triggered. On average, we dispatch authorities less than 30 seconds after an alarm is triggered.

That means you get help fast when you need it.

Want the ultimate basement window security? Just contact us. We can install any security product you need in and around your basement. Plus, we’ll monitor those products around the clock.

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