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Is Chesapeake, Virginia A Safe Place To Live?

Chesapeake VA is one of the most unique (and fastest growing) places in the Tidewater Region of Virginia and includes many acres of farmland, forests, wetlands, and several historic canals and inland channels. Originally, this area comprised South Norfolk and Norfolk County but became an independent city in the 1960’s.

This historic region has roots that date as far back as 1620 when Englishmen first began settling the area. That history comes through in every aspect of the city, and especially with its architecture, historic buildings, and tourism, which focuses heavily on the natural forests and waterways around every corner of this city.

Chesapeake Virginia is a Wonderful Place to Raise a Family

Some have argued that Chesapeake is boring, but we prefer the counter-argument to the boring article. This city has a wonderful sense of community, decently rated schools, lots of nature, and great employment numbers. On the downside, cost of living is a bit on the high side when compared to the rest of the nation, though it’s still lower than most of the surrounding Tidewater cities. Lastly, parts of Chesapeake have a reputation for crime.

Lake Drummond in Chesapeake VA

If you’re thinking about making a move to Chesapeake, VA and love nature, we say go for it. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the nation and certainly one of the most interesting regions of Virginia. However, if crime is the only thing holding you back from making a move to Chesapeake VA, get a home alarm system and put your mind at ease. Crime isn’t that bad in most of this city.

Chesapeake Crime Compared to Other Cities in the Tidewater Region

Most crime statistics report Williamsburg and Poquoson as being the two safest cities in Hampton Roads and report Norfolk Portsmouth, and Newport News as being the most dangerous. Chesapeake falls somewhere in the middle. Suffolkand Virginia Beach squeak by as being, statistically speaking, a bit safer than Chesapeake.

How Does Chesapeake Compare to the Rest of Virginia?

When compared to the rest of Virginia, Chesapeake is considerably more dangerous. 78% of Virginians live in areas that have lower crime rates than Chesapeake. However, Virginia is a largely rural state and most of the urban areasof Virginia have fairly high crime stats when compared to the rest of the state.

City of Chesapeake Flag

Just like any large city, there are safe parts of town and areas you should avoid. The best way to figure out where to live in Chesapeake is to speak with people already living in the community. Maybe do a quick search on Facebook to see if you know anyone that already lives in the area, and ask them for suggestions.

Chesapeake Crime Stats

We group most of the major crimes into two basic categories: violent crimes and property crimes. Violent crime is the one that you really have to worry about when it comes to deciding to move your family to a new town, but property crime can also be an indicator of problems.

According to various crime reporting statistics, violent crime in Chesapeake is an issue, though it isn’t nearly as big of a problem as it is in Norfolk, Portsmouth, or Newport News.

  • There is a 1 in 263 chance of being a victim of Violent Crime
  • There is a 1 in 42 chance of being a victim of Property Crime
  • On average, about 18 crimes are committed each day in Chesapeake
  • The overall crime in Chesapeake is 2% lower than national averages
  • Chesapeake is safer than 31% of cities in the U.S.

Chesapeake Crime Prevention Resources

The Chesapeake Police Department leads several valuable crime prevention programs geared to amber alerts, immigration, missing children, and a CUSTODYprogram in which homeowners and businesses share access to cameras with the police.

In addition, the police department website has an interactive crime mapping software that can help you get an idea of which areas in Chesapeake have the highest crime rates.

Why the Best Security Systems Are Monitored

Managing Security Risks Illustration

Installing a home alarm system can provide some added protection against burglars, trespassers, and vandalizers. If something goes awry, monitoring agents are standing by 24/7 to call police, fire, and rescue personnel to your aid.

Home surveillance camerasand smart home security solutions can help deter burglars from targeting your home. Though even with top-of-the-line security equipment and a state-of-the-art alarm company, the probability of actually catching a burglar in the act still remains quite low.

Considering a Move to Chesapeake VA?

If you’re thinking about relocating to Chesapeake, Virginia head on down for a visit first. Once you see firsthand how beautiful and fun this city is, we’re confident you won’t want to leave. The city has a great sense of community and a tremendous amount to offer.

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