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Learn About Our Access Control Systems at Richmond Alarm

Are you worried about who is entering and exiting your building while you are not around? When you trade-in your old-fashioned keys for an access control system, you get the final say over who can and can’t enter your building. Many companies, residential properties, and industrial units look at controlled access as the replacement for the traditional lock and key. It is time to reassure yourself with more than just a security camera system.

With an access control system, you can give and restrict access to specific parts of the building. With a simple lock and key is easily compromised, controlled access can improve the safety and security of your property. Not only does this assist your video surveillance system with security, it allows you easy audit trail reporting and complies with local access codes.

Having a controlled access system will allow you the capability of granting and denying access to your building with advanced card readers, customized employee credentials, and electronic lock systems. At Richmond Alarm, we offer cards, key fobs, passwords, smartphones, biometrics, card readers and keypads, electronic locks, and easy to use management dashboards for all your business needs.

Not only do we have a variety of equipment, but we also offer two different types of access control systems. There is onsite and offsite management. The onsite management option is best for companies with dedicated staff and technology to manage the system’s database and user interface. In comparison, offsite management is best for companies that need easy access to their system and don’t have the resources to manage and host the system internally. Businesses who choose this option move their database to Richmond Alarms secure monitoring location.

Call Richmond Alarm Company to start securing all of your business access points. Whether you are in need of a smart security system for your home or access control for your business, we’ve got you covered. We may be the largest local security company in Virginia but we’ll always be small enough to give you personalized attention. At the end of the day, you’re our neighbor and that’s how we’ll treat you.

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