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Learn More About One of the Best Security Companies in Richmond, Virginia

As one of the leading home security companies in Virginia, we provide trusted home security options as well as business security options in Virginia. What’s truly important to us? The answer would be ensuring your home or business is protected and secure, 24 hours a day, year-round. Trust Richmond Alarm Company to monitor and secure your home with our top-of-the-line security systems.

Who Are We?

Since 1947, founded by Samuel Boggs, we have since grown and comprise 3 different locations in Richmond, Hampton Roads, and Lynchburg. As the largest local security company in Virginia, RAC offers all the advantages of a big, national brand.

A small company at heart, we are committed in giving you personalized attention and communicating your needs. Through every step of the way, Richmond Alarm will be right there as a neighbor you can trust. Not to mention, we take care of our employees so that they can better care for you. On average, our employees have stayed with us for 20+ years!

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What Sets Us Apart?

Using advanced technology, our security systems are reliable and effective more than ever compared to other security companies in Virginia. We believe that our customers are able to use our home security systems with ease.

Apart from our top of the line products, we are always ready to provide you with professional installation or even a same-day consultation. With a mutual goal of keeping your home or business secure, we work together in a timely manner providing you with the right solutions, at the right time.

Home Security Services

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Richmond Alarm Company is ready to help you get started. We provide home security options ranging from: alarm systems, smart home security, monitoring, and video surveillance. Additionally, our business security system services include: fire alarm systems, access control, monitoring, and video surveillance.

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