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Should You Change Your Locks When You Move To A New Home?

When you buy a new home, changing the locks should be the first thing you do before moving in. Chances are, there are multiple copies of the previously used keys and changing the locks is an inexpensive way to keep you new property more secure.

If the home you purchased is under renovation, ask Virginia Key & Lock to install a temporary keypad lock. This keypad prevents having to give out keys to to subcontractors, and ensures your home is safe during and after the project is complete.

Replacing the locks in your new home also allows you to upgrade your hardware or install a smart lock system. Virginia Key & Lock has a wide range of smart locks available to make locking and unlocking your doors more convenient through Wi-Fi. From keyless entry to remote access, smart locks provide you will wireless possibilities, convenience, and peace of mind.

Some helpful information to provide your locksmith and help streamline the process:

1. Number of locks to change

How many entry doors there are to the home?

2. Type of lock

What brand of locks are currently installed? Is there a deadbolt?

3. Budget

Do you need a cheaper solution? If keys are only changing hands temporarily, you might consider having VKL simply rekey the same locks rather than replace the lock entirely.

4. Security

Is the current level our security around the property sufficient? Ask your locksmith for recommendations on the latest lock and deadbolt options.

Purchasing new locks will provide you with greater security. Virginia Key & Lock’s licensed and trained locksmiths can install your new locks to save you time and ensure that the installation is done properly every time.