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Signs Your Home Security System Isn’t Working Properly

Purchasing a home security system is a big investment and you should test your system regularly to make sure it is operating at full capacity. To help you keep your home security system functioning effectively, here are some tips on identifying when your system isn’t working properly.

Constant beeping noises

If your alarm system itself starts beeping for no reason, then it may signal a fault that needs addressing. Low battery detection is the most common reason for a constantly chirping system. You’ll need to check and replace batteries in the panel, motion and/or door detectors.

Your alarm goes off for no reason

False alarms are a common sign of user error. Educating yourself on your home security system cuts down on the number of false alarms and will provide you with a list of action items. First, cleaning your monitored smoke detectors and removing any dust build up from the device will help prevent false alarms. Second, false alarms can be triggered by damaged wiring or circuits within your system. When it doubt, simply call Richmond Alarm Company to come out and inspect your system at the first sign of a false alarm.

System Failure

Richmond Alarm Company tests your system every 7 days to help determine failure. A system failure could be the result of numerous things so if you’re ever unsure give Richmond Alarm a call and we will gladly check to see if we are receiving a test signal. If we notice any sign of system failure a technician will come out and perform an inspection.

We understand home security is a big investment, so we do our best to help educate you on how to keep your family and home safe at all times. Contact Richmond Alarm today with any questions you have, we are always willing to help!