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Top Home Security Mistakes You Might Be Making

Owning a top notch home security system is a great way to protect your family and property. However, human error often undermines these systems. To help you make smarter security decisions, here are the top home security mistakes people make.

Turning off your alarm system

You may pick and choose when to arm your alarm, but in reality, the best way to make sure you are 100% safe at home is to keep it on at all times. Review how to use the system with each member of your family so they don’t accidentally trigger the alarm.

Leaving doors unlocked

Even if you will be gone for just for a minute, bring your keys with you and lock the door. You never know who has an eye on your home and is just waiting for you to leave. It is wise to keep the doors locked even when you are home.

Hiding a key on the outside of the home

Burglars know that people hide keys in various locations outside the house, and they know where to look for them. Therefore, if you want to have an easy way to get in if you are locked out or if someone else is coming over, we recommend a Yale Pro SL Key Free Touchscreen. When you have a keyless entry, you can type in a code on the touchscreen, or unlock the door from your smartphone using the app. Virginia Key and Lock can help keep you safe and secure with any of your lock needs.

Leaving your home dark when you’re away

Through the app, you can automate and control your lights from anywhere. So, if you’re away on vacation or won’t be home until late, turn on your lights to give you an extra layer of protection. Adding lamp modules to your home security gives you the added back-up you need to deter burglars.

Putting boxes for expensive items out for trash collectors

That giant box for your new flatscreen is a pain, and you want to get rid of it; but leaving it out in plain sight indicates you have valuable items inside your home. Flatten boxes and try to fit them into a closed recycling bin, or take them directly to a waste management facility.

Being cheap when it comes to security

You don’t need to spend a fortune on an alarm system, but when it comes to the security of you, your family and your valuables, going with the cheapest option is always a mistake. The experienced Sales Representatives at Richmond Alarm Company can help you determine the right system for your budget and that will provide you the protection your family needs.