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What to Do After a Burglary/ Being Robbed: A Virginia Security Pro Explains

In 2017 alone, 18,396 burglaries occurred in Virginia. So if you’ve suddenly found yourself a victim of a home burglary, you’re not alone.

The bad news is that once your home is burglarized, you’re actually at a higher risk of being burglarized again—especially if the burglar who robbed your home isn’t caught.

To safeguard your home from future burglaries, follow these steps immediately after being robbed:

  1. Don’t touch anything.
  2. Leave the scene.
  3. Call the police.
  4. File a police report (within 24 hours)
  5. Take notes & pictures.
  6. Call your insurance.
  7. Identify security blind spots—and eliminate them.

We’ll explain how each of these steps can prevent you from being a victim of burglary again.

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Step 1: Don't touch anything.

We know—your first instinct after realizing you’ve been robbed is to frantically search through your valuables to determine what was damaged or stolen.

But resist that urge.

Your home is now officially a “crime scene”. And the more you change/touch, the more likely it is that you’ll interfere with the police being able to catch the criminal. Even a seemingly small change, like closing an ajar door or window, interferes with evidence left behind by the intruder.

Step 2: Leave the scene

You never know if the intruder is still in the house. The worst thing that can happen is for you to startle a robber and risk putting yourself in harm’s way.

Our suggestion? Quickly and quietly put distance between you and your home. If you have a neighbor you trust, go to their house and immediately call the police (which leads us to the next step…)

Step 3: Call the police.

The faster you call the police, the better. Every minute that passes, decreases the chance that police will be able to track down your robber.

Some homeowners mistakenly think that it’s okay to wait a few hours or even a full day to notify the police that you’ve been robbed. But police always have a higher chance of catching the burglar right after the incident happens versus a day later.

Step 4: File a police report.

When you call the police, ask them about your options for filing a police report. Traditionally, police reports had to be filled out and completed in person at the police station. However, most cities allow you to file a police report online now.

Be as specific as possible when you’re describing what happened, what is missing and who may have witnessed the incident and/or burglar.

By the time you fill out the report, the police should have already inspected your home for clues/evidence and you should have had time to safely rummage through your home’s valuables and determine what was taken.

Step 5: Take notes/pictures then call your insurance.

After filing a police report, you should take notes and pictures of the scene for your own purposes. This will come in handy when you report the theft to your home insurance company and file a theft claim.

To file a theft claim with your insurance company, you may need to provide them with:

  • Your police report number
  • List of items/valuables that were stolen
  • Descriptions of each stolen item

Beware, though—not all home insurance companies cover home theft. It all just depends on their policies and your insurance coverage.

Step 6: Upgrade your home security.

The best way to protect yourself from yet another burglary is to beef up your home security. If you already have a home security system in place, you may want to consider adding to it.

Some options for upgrading your home security include:

  • Adding sensors to every door and window in your home
  • Adding indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Making sure you’re investing in professional monitoring services

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