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Why Smart Home Security is the Best Vacation House Sitter

When you go on vacation, it’s extra relaxing to have a friend or family member keeping an eye on things at home.

A smart security system monitored by Richmond Alarm watches your home around the clock. Here’s why Richmond Alarm could be the greatest house sitter of all:

1. 24-7 Professional Monitoring

A fire or break-in is reported to a security professional in under 30 seconds and first responders are quickly dispatched to your home.

2. Smart Alerts

A smart security system can provide round-the-clock awareness. Connected sensors and devices can generate instant smartphone alerts about important activity at your home, letting you know if something is wrong or suspicious.

3. Helps Accept Deliveries

A doorbell camera, integrated into your security system, can make getting deliveries easier by allowing you to see and instruct the delivery person on where to leave the package.

4. Check in Anytime

With smart home security you can check in around the clock. Open your app, select a video camera feed, and take a peek. You can also quickly scan the status of your locks, smart thermostat, cameras, system arming status, lights and garage door.